Tuesday, June 30, 2015


 We like to have adventures, doing things that are exciting, new, on a grander scale in some way. To truly embrace and acknowledge the excitement however, we must have days filled with the quotidian.  Having a normal life will only heighten the anticipation and enjoyment when new opportunities arise. So is to the normal days.

It's good to be normal.
To have days of dishes and laundry
Days filled with the small and the sundry.
It's good to be basic.
To wear tee shirts and jeans
Going barefoot through crumbs and sticky things.
It's good to have clutter.
To have empty mugs and pillows askew,
Where people have relaxed when visiting you.
It's good to have food
That's simple, mac'n'cheese or PBJs,
Or bowls of cold cereal on really hot days.
It's good to re-read
To savor the tales that are familiar
And remember those stories that deeply inspire.
It's good to be quiet
To be surrounded by appliance hums
And ticking clocks, and outside bird songs.
It's good to walk
Without intent, or run because it's fun,
And to play with your children out in the sun.
It's good to hold hands
To comfort your child and help them along.
A simple gesture shared with your beloved one.

God saw all that He had made, and behold, it was very good.
Genesis 1:31

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Hometown Adventures

Somehow it is easier to explore places far away than it is to explore the ones close to us. In Maryland I made a point of visiting DC and other places of interest, historical and natural. Since returning to Montana I have been repeatedly struck by how gorgeous the Flathead Valley is, to myself and others. Living without mountains seems to enhance their majestic presence. Plus, we have snow when its cold. Just plain cold weather feels a little pointless. The spring has given a profusion of wildflowers, and as we give way to the heat of summer I am anticipating trips to the lake and huckleberry picking. Over the past couple of months Roman and I have made it a goal to explore the section of Creation by which we are surrounded. It helped that Roman is fixing all the boundary signs for the fire department , leading us to farm fields, woodlands, and back roads. Ethan loves going on these "adventures" (his words) and Saoirse is a eager explorer herself. Carsten is definitely happiest when we are outside and the whole family seems to have a better mood overall when we take even a short walk. There are so many places to find close to our doorstep. As our children become more surefooted in the wild I hope we will have many more adventures with them.

Picking Glacier lilies during a road trip to Spokane. The kids started the day in clothes but after several incidents of road sickness they ended up in their PJs.

Ethan has been begging to fish for a while now, so now Daddy is teaching him.

The walking path by our house leads to a Little Lending Library.

The day he actually caught a fish on the Flathead River.

"I am queen of the castle."

Saoirse adores tiny flowers and picks bunches of them.

Taking in the world, mostly through his mouth. A little dirt never hurts!

Noisy Creek