Tuesday, March 8, 2016

March Celebrations

I like March for a lot of reasons, winter is ending, we can take (almost) daily walks and of course the celebrations of the month, including my birthday. With Easter being in March this year the days ahead look to be full of fun planning.

Before those of course is St. Patricks Day.

Roman and I are both fascinated by the stories of this early church missionary, so much so that we named a son for him. The writings of St. Patrick are truly beautiful and Ethan is thrilled to hear any stories about his namesake. We also enjoy a good pot of corned beef!

This year the Spring Equinox and Palm Sunday fall on the same day. I usually use that time to dye eggs, and since every time I make hard-boiled eggs the kids want colored ones, I am going to be putting that on my calendar. Last year I did these Cabbage Dyed Eggs.

One week after St. Patricks Day and falling smack in between Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday is my birthday. I have no particular plans this year, but I will find something to mark my 27th year.

Finally we have Good Friday thru Easter Sunday, this year falling on the 25th through the 27th. It is right before the Creston Auction for us, so we will be mentally gearing up for that big event, and probably stay a bit low key. 

As I slowly teach my children about the life of Christ and it's significance, I am made more aware of how beautiful each season of celebration is. It brings me such joy that my children see Bible time as a normal part of their day. They renditions of the Biblical tales certainly have some wild variations, but it is filling their minds, and as we approach the season of Easter I look forward to hearing them retell whatever details stands out in their little minds.

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