Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Life is Full

Our life is filled with things that need doing, plenty to occupy us. Still, there are times that seem to have a larger helping of busy things. April was definitely that for us. It started with Easter, and built up from there. There was two solid weeks of me being sick, during which we helped with the fire departments auction, attended by over 7000 people. It was a bad time to be sick, but the event came off pretty well. I am so grateful for the numerous people who have been doing this longer than I have and know how the show runs.
Once I recovered from being sick (and that took a while), I headed on a five day trip to Colorado with my sister, who is newly engaged and taking a massage course in Fort Collins. She asked me months ago if I could accompany her down there and I was delighted to go. Five days away from home, husband, and kids was a relaxing, and a big pile of books, though not without it's share of drama. Almost losing a dog, tracking down a key that seemed to play musical houses, and getting lost were some interesting highlights. Oh, and I left my wallet in a dressing room and had to run several blocks to get it back before the shop closed. Never a dull moment!
If you are ever in Ft. Collins Colorado, go to The Chocolate Cafe. It was amazing!
I got to have the second air travel experience of my adult life, this time without small children in tow. While that made for lighter baggage, I still am a novice at navigating airports and the one in Denver is equivalent of a small city. Then there was the flight itself, turbulence and sweaty seatmates. The fresh air and relative quiet of the Seattle airport was a welcome layover. Then flying over the dark terrain home and falling into the eager arms of my darlings.
Surging masses of people and confines of sealed airplanes made me seek the nearest quiet place. That happened to be a bookstore in Seattle. Browsing familiar and new titles was just what I needed between flights.

There is a special kind of magic in coming home.The barrage of hugs and kisses from those you love. All the dear and familiar objects that you chose for the space you inhabit, the contentment of knowing exactly where you will find the most your toothbrush and pajamas. The humor attached to moment you realize your husband left the front door wide open when he left to pick you up.
My dandelion picking ballerina.
Within a few days Roman left for a military training that was kind of a last minute surprise, but we hope will bring some good things in our future. So now it is time for life as solo parent, and I feel like I am trying to find my rhythm. The days are warm enough that we spend the bulk of it outside, but still there are tasks that need doing indoors. I am trying to gear up for the last summer before I become an official homeschool mom, trying to prepare my heart and mind for a new stage of motherhood. In the meantime, I had better get a few more dishes washed.
Discovering bugs and tiny flowers is his forte.

I'd have a calendar with this guy on it. 

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