Monday, October 7, 2013

Real Motherhood: In Sickness and in Health

Welcome to the October Real Motherhood Link-up, hosted by Mandi and Sarah!
The past month held a lot for our family, including a week with the flu, a week with guests (with whom we shared the flu), the rapid onset of chilly autumn weather, and of course the common cold, which turns me into something of a giant hankie. The bright side to all the sickness is the extra time cuddling and reading to the little ones. The dark side...well every mother knows that!
Roman's cousin and his family from TN visited us for about a week in the middle of September.
It was a fabulous experience to open our home in Christian hospitality that blessed me a great variety of ways. I hope I will continue to have opportunity to bless others with my home.

My kids favorite visitors were the furry ones. Goodness, they just love dogs!

My battle of the month: Ethan hated being in the car. The second he was in he wanted to go home, he cried and screamed until we reached our destination (grocery store, grandmas house, etc.) and would do fine while out. When back in the car it was another tantrum until we arrived home. I thought I would never have a peaceful car trip again. Then suddenly, last week the tantrums ceased. I have no clue why they started or why they stopped. Sometimes you just have to ride the phase out.

Chilly autumn walks!
And now I must go wipe the noses after explosive sneezes, and wash sheets, and....


  1. I do not envy you the flu and the cold, but I do envy the chilly weather!
    We've had a couple opportunities to open our home up to people lately. It's definitely a different kind of rhythm that takes some getting used to...but you're right, it holds a lot of blessings, too!

  2. Oh, we've been going through the same things here! Started with a cold...that went through everyone...then a we're on stomach flu. I may never leave my house again at this rate!


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