Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Why the Chicken Pox Didn't Scare Me

It is a well established fact that the only sure comfort for sick children is Mom. We can make chicken soup, force the drinking of liquids, binge watch every PBS and Disney show on earth, but only cuddling with Mom is a sure way to soothe the cough-racked, fevered child.
Because of that exhausting fact most Moms try to avoid long bouts with sickness in their home. After all it means interrupted sleep, special foods, and getting way behind on normal things like dishes or laundry. Then there is the fact that the illness must run its course through the entire family. As a general rule we are a healthy family, but I do not willingly invite the flu or bad colds into our home.

In February I made an exception.

I invited The Chicken Pox over, and it has been with us for about 3 weeks.

My poor children have truly been good about not scratching at those alarming owies that showed up over night. They have downed more tea and cocoa than usual and been spoiled with long story sessions. What a bunch of troopers!

I am not against all vaccines. I have let the doctors poke my children several times (which always breaks my heart, because I hate needles myself). But I did know that I wanted my children to have The Chicken Pox as an actual illness. It is far more effective in the long to strengthening their immune systems. Thankfully, they are all quite young and so this experience, while unpleasant, has not been traumatic. 

There are so many amazing miracles that have been brought about by the study and practice of medicine in the past century. Life threatening diseases, such as typhus, small pox, and polio have practically been eradicated from the America way of life. But the miracle of the human body to protect itself against disease is one that can only be wrought by the kind and healing hand of God.
Sometimes our culture fights too hard against disease, making it look like the devil himself that can only be contained in an antiseptic atmosphere and hazmat suits. Yes, illness is hard, but our body was made to fight hard, not to hide from it. I love my children, and will be glad to stay up all night with them if they cannot sleep for a cough or sniffles. I use good medicine to make them comfortable when they ache and fight fevers. I took them to the doctor, who said all was well, they were in no danger. And I know that their little bodies are now better equipped to handle other disease for which there are no vaccines. 

As we move on with life, I am tired, but we are a well and strong family, Praise the Lord!

These three oils were amazing at relieving the itchiness of The Chicken Pox. Lavender baths for the win!

If you would like to learn more about the chicken pox vaccine go to the National Vaccine Information Center and if you would like to know more about essential oils Doterra has a great bunch of resources. 

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