Tuesday, November 25, 2014


Staying in Chicago was the part of the trip I was most nervous about. It was not a place I have ever even considered visiting, so I had no idea about what there was to do. Also taking on the big city with 3 little ones in tow was rather intimidating. However the experience was rather enjoyable, if a bit daunting. 
We stayed at The Hotel Lincoln, which was quite roomy after our train quarters. It also had a very pleasant view. 

We spent Wednesday morning getting some air, sunshine, and excercise. There was a pleasant park where Ethan and Saoirse chased squirrels and geese and collected sticks. Ethan found a memorial for the last survivor of the Boston Tea Party. 

The skyline of Chicago. 

A little walk led us to the Chicago Zoo, which was free. Most of the animals were inside due to the cold, but we saw zebras and kangaroos which made us happy. 

A taxi took us downtown for the afternoon. We visited The American Girl Place. I had a Kirsten doll, which they no longer carry. 

Saoirse was ready to take home every doll in the store. 

The Lego store was more along Ethans line of interest. 

Our final venture took us to the top of the John Hancock building, one of the tallest buildings in Chicago. We had a view of Lake Michigan. 
While Saoirse disliked the elevator, the view was quite spectaculor. 

After this we took a taxi to the train station. The kids really enjoyed the taxi rides, mostly because they did not have car seats. Exiting the taxi was like jumping into a river. People flowing into the train station, commuters. It was insane. My brave mother-in-law took all the luggage down escalators while I clung to Ethan and Saoirse. Carsten was secure in a carrier and I had on a rather heavy backpack. We looked quite the desperate group and some gentlemen kindly took pity on us and got us to the Amtrack waiting room. Thus ended our Chicago venture!

I definitely felt like the country mouse in the city, but I did it. And someday I would enjoy visiting the city again, but when my kids are a bit older. 

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