Thursday, June 6, 2013

From My Great-Great-Great-Grandfather

While visiting my grandparents in California they brought out a booklet entitled:
  The History of the Skagen and Oie Families
   Early residents of Kent, Washington
I enjoyed reading the story of my Norwegian ancestors immigration and settling of our great country. It gives me a new appreciation for the contribution of my lineage to developing the NW.
In the book there was a poem written by my great-great-great-grandpa after the death of his 23-year-old daughter. It is so beautiful, that I wish to share it here. And for a lineage reference:
Caitlin Carstensen Mallery, daughter of
Blair Carstensen, son of
Marilyn Nelson Carstensen, daughter of
Alma Skagen Nelson, daughter of
Sigrid (Sarah) Oie Skagen, daughter of
Ole Eivindson Oie (1837-1920) born in Norway, immigrated to America in 1866, moved to Seattle area in 1889.

To the Memory of Nellie 
 by her father Ole E. Oie

Farewell, our dearest daughter,
At parting's hour we stand;
Your parents and beloved ones
Must reach a parting hand.
This world means throbs and sorrow,
When you from us have gone,
But joy comes on the morrow,
When Christ our Lord shall come.

Your journey her, dear daughter,
It was so happy and bright;
You were our hope and comfort,
And husbands sole delight;
He now is bent with sorrow,
Despair besets his way;
Oh, God! Be Thou his comfort,
Be Thou his help and stay.

As a lily in full blossom
On a mellow summer's day,
So was your life at twenty-three;
It was so happy and gay.
In a home entwined with roses,
Rich in a husbands love
Where your darling little daughter
Whispered of a home above.

Such was your life, dear Nellie;
Change seemed a far off thing,
When a message came from heaven,
Borne as on angel's wings;
It told of a home eternal,
Of a Saviour from sin and hell:
Entreated you to believed this,
Invited you there to dwell.

Mid many doubts and suffering,
This message to you came;
It was no easy matter
To break this earthly chain;
S patiently you suffered,
So earnestly you prayed;
And God be praised, He led you,
On His Word your trust was stayed.

And now mid angel chorus
With hosts of sinners redeemed,
You are singing of His glory
Who saves from death and sin.
God grant we again may meet you;
When our pilgrimage is o'er,
With God's holy Word for Guidance,
We may reach the golden shore.

October 28, 1903

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