Saturday, June 29, 2013

Our Adventures; Part 1

We had quite a long, exciting, and exhausting trip, and trying to recap has been almost as challenging.
I ended up taking very few pictures, since my mother and grandmother have better cameras - not to mention free hands - I am still trying to gather the photographed evidence of our little jaunt. List-making seems to be my best form of record keeping, but it does help me remember some of the details of  our outings. Like any vacation it had great parts, and some rather rotten parts.
Our car battery failed in Grants Pass, OR and my dad and I couldn't jump it, so we called AAA. (Side story, Roman bought a discounted packaged at the Creston Auction in April.) Ethan really loved the big truck.

The other thing Ethan loved was the puddles. He soaked an entire outfit before we left the hotel, and his sneakers took days to dry out.

One of the first outings we had in CA was to the Stoneridge Mall and the World Market. The latter store would have been a great place to stock on Christmas gifts for all my sisters and sisters-in-law. Man, I wished I knew who I had as my exchange partner!
Ethan loved the glass elevator, the Lego store, and walking (out of the carseat!!) with Grandpa and Grandma!
Saoirse was a doll, slept some in the stroller and was generally admired for her red hair and sweet smile.
I enjoyed free chocolate from Ghiradellis, browsing Pottery Barn with my mom, and getting Roman some great stuff from The Art of Shaving.

Our next big outing was The Oakland Zoo. Honestly, this was event was the one I was most looking forward to. Ethan could not go around fast enough. 

A giant centipede!

While the zoo animals were definitely exciting, my children really loved the dogs we encountered at every rest stop and relatives house. I just know that Saoirse will be the one to convince Roman that we need a puppy. Ethan has already convinced me. :)

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