Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Building Your Vocabulary: Describing My Kids

The American's use of language is rather pathetic. I personally think that texting is sending us further down the slippery slope of weak language skills. Being something of a poet, as well as an avid reader (when time allows) I appreciate those who have a well-endowed vocabulary.

Around Christmas, our homes are enriched with the lyrics of ancients carols, beautifully describing the glorious gift of God. Then there are cheesy, modern limericks that attempt to capture a joyful spirit. And the same phrases used in every generic card and letter. It would be pleasant to hear a few more old terms, and unique descriptions come up in the Christmas cards and letters. So if I were to send out a Christmas letter (which I am not, just pictures) what unique words would I use to describe my children?

Inquisitive ~ given to asking questions
Accommodating ~ willing to help
Ardent ~ intensely eager
Emphatic ~ forceful or insistent

Effervescent ~ bubbly, enthusiastic
Vivacious ~ lively and spirited
Warmhearted ~  affectionate and kind
Winsome ~ innocently charming
What words would you use to describe your children?
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