Wednesday, January 8, 2014


Fighting pirates

There is a task I sorta hate,
    And also kinda love.
        I do it when it's really late
           With many sighs and shrugs.
Sometimes it feels like clutter
   Involved in procreation.
      I want to take a giant tractor
          To the toy-weed infestation.
Then I find the Duplo boat
    That he so proudly showed me,
        So maybe it did not quite float;
            It still made our day happy.
There tucked into a random corner
     The doll she loves so much.
          The yarn eyes scold the scorner
               My inner neat freak who would fuss.
The cars and trains under my table
     Have given me a banged-up head,
         My back aches from being unable
              To reach for books behind the bed.
But in the brightly colored clash
    Of teddy bears and dinosaurs
         I see the smiles and feet that dance.
             These toys bring joy to all our hearts.

~Caitlin Mallery

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  1. Caitlin, this is witty! I like it and I think all moms can relate. You seem to take much more joy in the cleanup that I. I really don't like the late night toy pickup. So much so that the toys are usually still on the floor in the morning! Thanks for joining in the linkup.

    1. Thank you Mandi! Believe me, some nights all I manage is to clear a path through the toys. It just depends on how much effort I feel like expending. :)


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