Monday, March 24, 2014

On My 25th Birthday

There are a few time of year that lend themselves to reflection, self-analysis, and goals. The most obvious is the change of calendar year. Another common one is the start of the school.
I find that my birthday is another time that approach myself with a critical eye towards growth and change.
This year I am 25.
A milestone birthday
Back in Dec/Jan I created a board on Pinterest dedicated to 2014.
I filled it with ideas about what I want to do, a few goals, and have since filled it with things that we have done. When the board started I found this:
Key words to think on as I plotted out goals and dreams for the coming year.
Life has given me a lot of curveballs in the past few months, and I have felt the weight of adulthood in a whole new way. From January 1st I have considered myself 25, and it is coinciding with some dramatic life changes. Moving forward from old desires to new visions, accepting the stage of life I am in, learning the difference between what I like and what I love. The path the Lord has laid for me is not always how I thought it might be, but it is defining and shaping the woman I am to be.
I am learning my limits: physically, emotionally, and mentally.
Be Inspired
I am reading books that intrigue and interest me.
Be Original
I am figuring out that what I admire about someone else is not always the right thing for me.
Work Hard
I am planning my days around being pregnant and raising two toddlers.
How I handle my weaknesses affects my level of joy, as well as my family's joy.
When I look back on this year I think I will be able to say that the Lord worked deeply within my soul. There has been and will continue to be changes, changes which I hope will clear my heart and head for the joy and peace which He promises faithfully.

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  1. Happy 25th birthday Sister!!! I hope this year will be the best so far and that you will find your life overflowing with blessing upon blessing! Love you!


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