Sunday, May 11, 2014

To the New Mama

It's okay that your baby is crying;
that every technique you are trying
to soothe the babe is failing.
It's okay if you are weeping
because all you want is to be sleeping.
As your breasts ache from nursing
and your body is barely recovering
from the most exhausting and demanding
task you have ever achieved, it's OK.

It's okay if you have a few worries
about cradle cap and proper skivvies,
or whether that belly button is too crusty.
It's okay if the clothes don't her fit neatly
and that he keeps being spitty and drooly.
As you ache for a moment to be pretty,
for some small way of having stability,
or a little outing that isn't cranky
because of a crazy schedule, it's OK.

It's okay if you just want to stare
into the face that is becoming aware
that your face is important, always there.
It's okay to run your fingers over
each little feature and tiny maneuver.
As you seek each moment to remember,
feeling pleased with each tiny endeavor
trying to treasure it up forever
in your heart, it's OK.

~Caitlin Mallery

Newborn Saoirse, September 2012

Newborn Ethan, August 2011

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