Monday, September 1, 2014

Life Without Daddy: Week 1

Well it has been one week since Roman left for bootcamp. 

After a week of goodbye parties we said our final farewells from Glacier Airport. 

This past week the kids have repeatedly asked me when we can go get Daddy. I tell them that he is at far away army work, but of course the concept of distance is hard to grasp as a toddler. 

We are slowly settling into this new normal, which includes ice pops in the sun and baths. There was an incident involving purple nail polish dumped into the bath. 
There is still a stain in the bottom of the tub. Most exciting this week was the airshow, with an appearance by the Thunderbirds. We live close enough to the airport we saw several rehearsals. On Sunday we went with Aunt Laurel to get up close and personal with some planes, including a big military plane. 
That about sums up the end of summer and our first week of Daddy being gone. 

As for Roman, he is adjusting to life on base. He has had some issues with the water, being accustomed to clear, mountain water. He has a hearing test this week, so pray all goes well for him. He has found some fellow Christians and is making friends well. He should have a mailing address soon. Whoever wants the address let me know. 

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  1. Glad to hear your first week went well. We would love to have Roman's address to send him some encouragement.


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