Sunday, September 14, 2014

Roman's Address

I have finally received a mailing address for Roman! A friend of his from boot camp sent me the following note:


I'm a friend of your husband, Roman Mallery. He asked me to pass on this message to you:

He's doing well in BCT at Fort Jackson. He's met a lot new and different people, likes most of the platoon as it's made up by a lot of good people, and has a really good battle buddy to watch his back.

Additionally, he likes his drill sergeants (DS) despite how tough they are. The DSs like him enough that they've put him in charge of the barracks, and have made him "Bay Boss." He is constantly caring for the platoon, helps others, and serves his faith when the moments present themselves.

He misses home, often thinks of you and the children, and asks everyone to please keep him in your prayers. Since his arrival to BCT, he has been to church services the two times it was available.

Please share with everyone his mailing address:

PVT Mallery, Roman
F CO 2/60th INF REG
BLDG 11000
4th Platoon
Fort Jackson, SC 29207

He is looking forward to receiving a lot mail from family.

Also, please share with everyone his projected graduation date: 13 NOV 2014.

In my personal estimation, your husband is a solid recruit, is doing well, and possesses eagerness and the correct attitude. He is a good man, an man of apparent faith, and a compassionate leader.

Seeing this in my inbox sent my heart racing with relief. It has been several days since I last had any contact with him. Oh, the delight a simple note can give a weary soul! And to hear how Roman is praised. It will give me a boost to face the coming days. Thank you to everyone who has prayed for us and expressed their concern and love. Such words mean a great deal to me.

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  1. O! Caitlin, I am so thankful to hear that Roman is living the gospel to others around him. I am thankful that he is displaying the character of Christ, and dying to himself so that others might live.You and I both knew he was a compassionate leader and now the Lord is granting him opportunity to display Christ's leadership to others as well. I am thankful, and blessed by the email and so grateful the Lord gave it to you!


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