Thursday, November 19, 2015

A Week of Thanksgiving

Have I ever mentioned my life is crazy? Because it is and who has time to post on a blog?! However, my heart has been full in the past days as I reflect on all the amazing gifts God did for us this past year. So I think I will spend this week leading up to Thanksgiving do a little pubic expressions of praise. The work of God is meant to be on display in the lives of His people after all. And though our society may choose to use this holiday as a football and shopping occasion, it is truly so much more. And if you need a little help getting in the mood for Thanksgiving, here is playlist I am listening to:
Spotify Thanksgiving Music
These three crazy happy little ones have filled my days with work, tears, and smiles. Their presence in my life is undoubtedly a work of grace and I am grateful that God allows me to be their mother!

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