Wednesday, February 10, 2016



The golden circle round your finger marks an eternity
Of pain and tears,
Of prayers and fears,
Of smiles and kisses and promises.
To have: a person belonging to you, a gift of full knowledge
To hold: taking care of their needs, small and great
For better: when the laughter abounds, and the cuddles are close
For worse: when they break your heart and wound your soul
For richer: enjoying all comforts together, brilliant or sweet
For poorer: building trust and hope and harmonious work
In sickness: the smells, the groans, the aches, the pains
In health: rest and serenity, strength and ability
To love: the greatest of spiritual gifts, constantly growing to more than imagined
To cherish: memory filled with joy, pain softened by care, a lifetime shared.
Every adventure, every trial,
Every labor, every child,
Every dislike, every delight
Every weakness, every strength
Repentance, forgiveness, the offering of grace.
Giving, receiving, savoring, embracing, encouraging. 
Two become one.

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