Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Winnie the Pooh and Making Poems

Reading aloud to my children is my favorite.

I pick a story and read it at naptime until they all nod off. Sometimes I keep reading the story to myself. Lately I have been read A.A. Milne's "The House at Pooh Corner." Every once in a while I run across something that very accurately describes me, how I think and function. For instance, when Piglet tells Pooh that shillings shouldn't come after pounds in his poem, Pooh responds,

"They wanted to come in after the pounds," explained Pooh,"so I let them. It is the best way to write poetry, letting things come."

That is often how I write. I let things come, ideas start and I just sort of follow it and see what fits. Sometimes I fight it, because I think it should have a different message, and maybe I am trying to make a point that really isn't mine to make. I like rules as much as anybody, in fact more than most people. But when it comes to writing poetry, I just have to let things come. It is the best way after all.

And just FYI, I have been making videos of my kiddos lately, slowly flexing my techy muscles, and I created a Vimeo channel for them. Here is the link:

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