Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Building Your Vocabulary:The Library

Hush children!
This is not the place for lips to speak
or mouths to taste. Instead delight another sense:
Feast your eyes!
The words, the pages
Let them take you to the far off places.
Internal delight!
Let your mind be flooded
With tales of magic, and good the winner.
Ancient war chronicles,
beloved talking animals,
photographs of the unseen beyond.
With in these four walls
between the covers both glossy and dull
you will find the world!

~Caitlin Mallery

I love going to the library. I cannot remember the first time I went; my mother probably took me there quite early. There are a few memories I have of living close enough to walk to one when I was six or seven. There was also a duck pond nearby where we would take our stack of stories and we would feed ducks and my mom would read a new story to my sisters and I. As a teen I would check out great big stacks to read in a month, and usually have them finished in less time.
Now I am starting to bring my wee ones into the gorgeous brick building filled with words. They are still rather little to truly make the most of the experience, so I am also learning how to use the library from my laptop. Browsing blue-lit webpages for new books is not quite as satisfying as running my fingers along the multi-colored spines. However, it is much easier than trying to find a book while chasing down a pair of toddlers. I place my hold and within a few days I can stop by the library and pick up my reserved stack. Just one way in which the Internet makes my life easier. And within a few years I will be able to take my brood into the public library knowing we could be happily placed for hours.

Roman and I have fun looking over this reading list from Teddy Roosevelt. 

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