Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Is My Life Intentional?

The past three days have been crazy.

On Sunday we had : bloody noses, black eyes, burns, and broken glass. All accidents, no tempers involved.

On Monday: constant phone calls, two hours of mopping with a two-year-old, making dinner for the family with the new little cousin, and meeting said new baby. Not to mention sub-zero temps!

On Tuesday: taxes with my sis, then bustling her wedding dress, calling a plumber because the kitchen sink won't drain, babysitting more little cousins, running out of dishes to cook with, and a bridal shower in the evening, coming home to find my desperate husband cleaning the foul-smelling kitchen sink (wondering all the while if his wife had to use so many dishes).

On Wednesday: the plumber came with diagnosis of ice in the pipe, so the rental company needs to call in some bigger guns. I am trying to avoid the further piling of dishes by using paper plates and ordering pizza. My son had a crazy emotional day (I thought that was a girl thing?!) and my daughter is testing boundaries. Pregnancy has my body tense, emotions high, and ...well, just being five months pregnant!

It is almost nine pm. The wee ones are bathed and in bed, my husband is working, and I am reflective.

I received Tsh Oxenreider's book in the mail this week Notes From a Blue Bike.

Even before I became acquainted with Tsh's blog, the concept of living intentionally was one Roman and I had talked of a great deal. I think it is the historian in me that wants to make of the most of life. I started following Tsh after having a potty-training post recommended to me (hardly glamorous, but necessary).
When the book was announced I was really excited, and the first chapters have me intrigued.

The past few days have felt anything but intentional, and mostly chaotic. And looking ahead my calendar boasts more chaos to come (weddings, auctions, babies, living life with toddlers).

Whatever the calendar says, however my children behave, no matter how hormones are affecting my day, intentional living is the very idea behind Mommy, Hold My Hand. Taking care of all kinds of needs, being the available to my sister-in-laws, embracing the stage of renting, knowing that some days I can't do any of it let alone do it all. So thank you Tsh, for your timely book. I look forward to the rest of your journey on a blue bike. My own path will be different, but I pray it will be intentional.

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  1. Oh, I can't wait to read that book myself. Looks good!


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