Thursday, December 11, 2014

A Tale of Boats and Ships

Since our car finally seems to fixed (although I still drive it with much fear and trembling). We have managed to have a few outings. Much needed they were too. We were all getting a case of cabin fever. So when Mandy told us there was a boat parade not too far away we were all eager to go. So we went to Solomons Island where the Patuxent River meets the Chesapeake Bay.
There were so many cute places to see there on the bay.
We stopped at the Locus café for coffee and some amazing key lime pie.

Uncle Roger and the girls.

The kids enjoyed dancing to Christmas songs by a live group of musicians.
A local church had a rummage/antique sale.
These are old oyster cans.

Ethan enjoyed examining the antique tools and other items.

More Christmas music in the church, a beautiful old Methodist building.
These two could be twins!

As it was St. Nicholas Day, it seem appropriate to meet the local Santa Claus. Although none of the kids have any idea how the whole Santa thing works. When asked what they wanted for Christmas they said to be home with Daddy.

The first glimpse of the boats.
It had been raining all day long, so there were lots of puddles, and there was a steady drizzle during the parade. But none of that could dampen the excitement of the children.

None of my pictures do it justice. There were about 10 boats all lit up. One had a dolphin with a red nose and seahorses pulling Santa. There was a dragon, as well as ones just lit from bow to stern.

They look faraway, but came quite close to where we were.

 On Sunday we had a chance to visit some historic ships at the Baltimore Harbor.
This Coast Guard vessel survived the Pearl Harbor bombing.
At one point there was a Bauer on board. I don't know when. The ship was active through the 1960's. It is hard to read all the information when you have toddlers to watch.
We also went on a lightship from the 1930's. They used lightships in places they could not put lighthouses.
In the officers quarters.


They keep the brass instruments shiny still.

Standing on the lightship deck, looking down at the WW2 submarine.

This submarine was commission 6 months before the end of WW2. It did destroy some Japanese ships, and was used as a training vessel for many years after the war.
Things would have been very cramped on the submarine, but the kids didn't mind.

A look around the harbor.


I like naval details, like compasses and flags.

Carsten patiently sat in the stroller most of the afternoon. Ethan was fascinated by all the knobs and levers, especially on the submarine. Saoirse loved chasing seagulls, but disliked all the ladders. It was fun to see some of these vessels and I certainly hope that Ethan at least will remember it.

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