Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Merry Christmas!

I will praise you O Lord, with all of my heart; I will tell of your wonders. Psalm 9:1
2014 has been a year of wonders for the Roman Mallery family. Those who know us well keep saying we are brave. Those who know us better say we are crazy, and they love us still. To all our parents and siblings, we thank you for your patience, love, and support. Without that we would be utterly overwhelmed.
At the beginning of the year, we knew it would be one of major change for our family. The process was set in motion for Roman to join the National Guard. We were expecting our third child. We were talking about a temporary move across the USA.
In March Roman was sworn into the United States Army, thus fulfilling a lifelong dream, as well as a deep sense of responsibility. Being a soldier is not for everyone. I firmly believe that he is called to this task, that the Lord gave him the special gift of helping others as a firefighter, EMT, and now soldier.
In May Ethan and Saoirse were joined by baby brother Carsten Raymond, and though the birth went well, he had trouble breathing, and so he needed to spend a day and a half with breathing assistance. He seems to have suffered not long term affects from his difficult start and daily I listen to his breath with thanksgiving in my heart.
In August Roman left for boot camp in Ft. Jackson, South Carolina. The kids and I then settled into life without Daddy.
In November the children and I traveled by train and car across the country to attend Roman's graduation from boot camp, before settling down in Maryland for a few months.
Now it is the middle of December. Roman is in Virginia working on his Quartermasters training. I am have a little house in Maryland, where I am preparing for a quiet, but happy Christmas for our little family.
Everyday I reasons to be discouraged; whiny children, cars that don't always work, missing my husband, bank accounts and bills, and of course always being tired. When those moments threaten to overwhelm me, I am learning to look at how the Lord has led so far. He has given us gracious landlords in two states, and the rent has always been paid. I was able to settle near family in Maryland who have been super helpful with everything, especially the car problems. My children are growing strong and healthy; they are polite and even helpful at times. They do bring me joy each day. I just need to remember to see it. I am able to be close to my husband and see him from time to time, which makes all of us very happy. All the ways that the Lord has brought each detail together is truly something to wonder at.
This has been a year to wonder at, and one to look at whenever we are discouraged. Because the Lord has done wondrous things for us, and will continue to show Himself faithful everyday for the rest of our lives.
During the Christmas season we reflect on the wonder of God becoming man in the form of a baby. We hope that you all have seen the wonderful work of the Lord in your lives during 2014.
Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
The Mallerys
Roman and Caitlin
Ethan, Saoirse, & Carsten

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