Wednesday, December 3, 2014

The Little Yellow House

Many of you requested pictures of our home here in Maryland. So here we are. 
The landlords call it The Farmhouse, and the property was once a tobacco farm. 
The road is Carl's Farm Place. I need to find out more about the history of the place. The setting is very rural and we are surronded by trees. Oaks, beeches, a few pine and some holly. 
There are also many birds to see, and we saw some deer as well. 
There are several old barns. 
The newer red barn is used as a wedding venue during the spring and summer. 
The view from the porch. 

A glimpse of the car, which is in the shop right now. More on the car story later. 
The woods we are surronded by, plus a soldier and his son. 
I love this big covered porch. The kids play here daily. 
Our road/driveway. 
Looking through the front door to the back door. The living room is on the left, kitchen and dining on the right. 
This is my cooking corner. And I am proud to say I made a Thanksgiving turkey in a crockpot. 
The kitchen is good sized, but carpet means daily vacuuming is a must. 
Thanksgiving dinner is served, plus a look into the otherside of the room. 
The fireplace is gas and definitely a centerpiece of the house. 
The rocks go floor to ceiling, two stories. 
Up in the loft is our sleeping quarters. 
A crib for Carsten, one bed for Ethan and Saoirse, and one bed for me. And whoever needs extra cuddles. 
So that is our home away from home. And over the next few weeks we should have it all Christmas-sy. I put pictures on Instagram regularly, if you care to follow I am sweetcaitmallery. Hope you enjoyed this little tour. 


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