Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day; The Role Model

This marks the second year where I may celebrate Mother's Day as a mother. Several years ago I wrote a special poem for my mother on this day. Then it was to the woman whom I admire in so many ways. I still greatly value her opinion above anyone else. And now this poem serves as a challenge to raise my daughter well.

The Role Model

Four little girls there were
Who sought a model role
That they might have a pattern
On which their lives to mold.

The first ones eyes lit up
As Glamour stepped on stage.
She minced in her high heels
And imitated her ways.

The stance of little two grew proud
As Feminist took the platform.
She glared down at "weakling men"
And other paths did scorn.

The thirds hands were busy
As Activity filled the floor.
She's doing her good deeds
And has family time no more.

The fourth girls' face was cheerful
As Mother walked up front.
She mimics every move,
Like her to be, she wants.

I watched as little Glamour
Became the woman Grieved,
And saw proud Feminist turn
Into Fettered and Deceived.

Activity has her charities,
Yet her family is in ruins;
While the little Mommy mimic
Has a little one of her own.

O daughter, wisely choose
Who is to be your model,
For there is only one path
Whose end is without trouble.

~Caitlin Mallery

I have no regrets that I am now the Mummy of two wee bairns. Sure, there are moments when I would really like to lock them in their room so I can accomplish something. There are also moments where I feel so triumphant because of the little accomplishments that they have made. There will always be some give and take in life. And I would glad give my children all the energy of a young and happy Mum, and take time for myself when they go to bed!

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