Sunday, May 26, 2013

To Walk With the Redeemer

"Come follow me." The Lord Christ said,
It means leave all behind.
You cannot take the world with you
And hope to gain success divine.

In isolation He often walked
His closest friends did fail.
You will never loose His presence
Though all other men will bail.

Recognition never was His goal
Rather to the truth His ways.
You must go forward in that truth
Not be mired down by lies.

The way He walked with faithfulness
His pattern does not change
You shall old habits now forsake
And overcoming power gain.

The Saviors words are strong and true
His commands are those of love
You will uproot your foolish self
For His wisdom from above.

To walk with the Redeemer
Is a high and noble call
Despise the world and conquer sin
For Him who saves you, Lord of all.

~Caitlin Mallery

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