Saturday, May 18, 2013

Which Apron?

This is a day and age when women must be strong
To fight the spiritual battle the world does send along.
To a worldly woman the apron symbolizes
Slavery to home, drudgery, unwilling sacrifices;
This woman longs to glory in wealth and fame and power
And feels her family is a hindrance to her hour.
To a godly woman the apron symbolizes
The freedom she has gained through loving sacrifices;
This woman here does glory in forming heavenly treasure
Raising children for the Lord is her delight and pleasure.
So many battles fought on so many different fronts
There is no task too hard, her courage will not daunt.
How will you wear your apron? Will it be with shame?
Or will it be with pride as woman once again?

~ Caitlin Mallery

I wrote this poem some years ago for Roman's grandmother Mary Bauer, a remarkable women from whom Saoirse inherits her red hair. This was long before I had any connections beyond friendship, and now she is a part of my children's godly heritage. I am grateful for the inspiration she has provided for our little family.

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