Tuesday, August 13, 2013

A Few Links for Motherhood and Life

I missed my post writing evening, so I will play a little catch-up. Life is all about choosing where you are most needed every moment. As a result there will always be something left undone. Still, when I look back I see that I usually got around to the most important stuff. My presence on the Internet is of less importance than the well-being of my little family. So here a few interesting little things that I found encouraging in the care and keeping of my life.

For those of you setting up your home education systems, check out this planner that Tsh has put together: Simple Mom Planner

What Real Motherhood Looks Like ~ it is rarely ever photo ready! When I came back from vacation to my tidy, clean house it did not feel like the place I remembered leaving. Within two hours of being
home I looked around and said, " Oh yeah! This is the place I remember."

3 Ways to Live the Ultimate Romance ~ Watch the videos at the end for a sweet love of a 50 year romance.

Jesus is bigger than any mistake and you don't have to live life in a fishbowl

On Hurrying Children ~ Their little minds are eager to see and explore the world. I am the one who is stressed by the clock and calendar

Read, you will find help and encouragement for something. We don't have to do everything by ourselves.

Aunt Laurel spent a lot of time with us this weekend. She and Saoirse are so cute together.

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