Sunday, August 18, 2013

Notes On A Birthday

Counting balloons, "1,2,3, MORE!"

Attempting to blow out the candles.

Hurrah! He did it!

Cousin Creed enjoyed the water balloons.

Cousin Justice dominated the squirt guns.

Sweet cousin Remember. Saoirse had a matching swimsuit, but she napped for most of the water party.

Roman encouraging some daredevil tricks.

Cousin Kindal got water spots on my camera!

Cousin Evelyn studied and watched.

The birthday boy testing the water blob.

Our neighbor boys whom Ethan loves playing with.

(See the water spots) The water blob was a big hit! And it held up through two hours of hard play. We are officially an awesome aunt and uncle!

Ethan opened every gift with a big "Ooo, OOoo!

So the birthday was a success, and I look forward to watching my little boy grow up with all these splendid cousins. Thanks for coming everyone!

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