Thursday, August 29, 2013

Heroes; Knights in Shining Armor; Prince Charmings

Roman and I recently had a chance to see a performance of Shakespeare's Henry V. It is the source of the "band of brother's" quote so inspiring to soldiers of WW2.

Tom Hiddleston as Henry V
Seeing the noble character of Henry as presented by Shakespearean lore, I began to consider the of oft-condemned character of Prince Charming. This day and age is quick to dismiss them and their counterparts as relics of childhood, myths of the past bearing no relevance to this day and age. 

I used to think that such a romantic notion was impossible. Then I married Roman.
He is a true prince, with a noble and generous heart, a strong and courageous nature, tender, affectionate, utterly romantic, compassionate and eager to help everyone. Every virtue exonerated in romantic novels and ancient fairy tales is combined in him. 

Ladies and Gentlemen, it is not a myth!

Prince Charming, Knights in Shining Armor, the heroes of the stories were meant to inspire to greatness. And though it seems that few men take the challenge, once in a while there are Henrys and Romans who stand above the crowd and demonstrate true princely behavior.

Teddy Roosevelt
Such men often seem as giants to compared to the rest.
George Washington, often called a prince among men
They are leaders of vision, with characters that inspire.

Prince Albert, husband to Queen Victoria
They do not need to be in the spotlight.

King George VI of England, father of Queen Elizabeth II
They will overcome personal afflictions and rise above petty disputes.

So many truly great men have existed throughout history. I add to that list fiction heroes, whom I wish my son to become very familiar with.

Ioan Grufford as Horatio Hornblower
Series such as Master and Commander and Horatio Hornblower. And my favorite sailor/mathematician Nathaniel Bowditch. 

All the deeds of King Arthur and the knights of the round table.

Kings and Queens of Narnia, given titles that express good attributes. Throughout the series all the kings seem to come from the lowest place to be granted the highest honors.

All the characters created by Robert Louis Stevenson,  Rudyard Kipling,  G.A. Henty, and the list goes on. 

We gave our son the name Ethan meaning strong and Patrick meaning noble. As he grows we will teach him how make his name the inspiration for his character.
I want my son to be like his father, a prince among men.

I want my daughter to believe in Prince Charming and know what he should really look like.
She will not be easily deceived, since she has such a man for her father.
I believe that there can be many heroes and knights and princes in this world, when given the inspiration to follow and the opportunity to succeed!

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