Sunday, August 4, 2013

He is now 2!

Two whole years since this little boy came into the world wide-eyed and curious.
A child of eager enthusiasm, who thinks the most awesome thing in the world a big, roaring truck with a dog riding along.
 A son who heartily admires everything that Daddy does and still needs Mummy to cuddle every hurt away.
 A boy who wants to start fires (with little effect so far); build castles to knock down; bake cookies and help cook; wear cologne and shave; read books about trains and watch Curious George any time he can.
 As a brother he is eager to help "Shurshoo" learn to ride the rocking horse and climb up things, and occasionally be selfish and have to sit by himself.
He chases flys around the house, helps with dishes, spills his water, then grabs a towel (or other nearby cloth) to clean up the mess.
Two years of boyness! He's loud, he's busy, he's affectionate, he's sticky, he's naughty, he's helpful. A few days ago he said, "I love you" for the first time.
My son of the Big Sky country, with a heart just as big and personality to match.
Ethan St. Patrick Mallery!
My Craziness, my little Hims, my Sunshine boy, my wee laddie
Mummy loves you so much!

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