Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Being Us

I like the us we are becoming
for all the world to see
not you, not I, just we.

The we of car trip conversations
always holding hands,
making splendid plans.

We've laid a claim upon whipped cream
As our dessert of choice,
and kids agree full voice.

We have love songs in abundance
in the kitchen we dance
with candle romance.

There is a hymn that we call ours
and songs we sing
for children sleeping.

We pray for sweet dreams and godly growth
o'er each sleeping head
before we go to bed.

Our pet names for one another
follow special form
and some the norm.

Raising children and following dreams
sharing each sorrow
and anxious tomorrow.

Us is defined by our being together
Two hearts to one knit
Two souls made to fit.

The world around cannot see one
without inquiry to the other.
That is being Us.

~Caitlin Mallery
Happy 3rd Anniversary, my dearest husband!

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