Thursday, September 5, 2013

Over My Shoulder

Looking over my shoulder just to know that you're there,
When I'm happy or naughty or just a bit scared.
I will know where to find you when I need you to know
That I have an adventure for us to follow.
If I happen to fall
I will call
And you come because of course you saw all
Looking over your shoulder.

Looking over my shoulder as I venture to walk
Just to see you smile and hear you talk
About me growing bigger and doing so good.
And when I do something I should
You sweetly praise me,
If naughty
You'll lovingly scold me because you can see
Looking over your shoulder.

Looking over my shoulder just to watch how you grow
By learning, exploring, and giving a show.
I see little things when you think I'm not looking
That make me so proud, but sometimes need scolding.
Trust me, my child,
Quiet or wild,
You know I will be there for every trial
Looking over your shoulder.

~Caitlin Mallery

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