Thursday, September 26, 2013

My Girly's Day!

One year with my little girl!
My freedom girl, my sweetheart of a baby!
My newborn girl, who came into the world so fast last September (a three hour labor).
How desperately I wanted her in my arms that night.
How I cried for her to be out, and suddenly she was, and as she slept I lay awake in wonder.
Now she is a vivacious, busy, smiling one year old.
She loves yarn and all things soft.
She has red hair that her daddy is so proud of (because it is from his grandma) and soft gray eyes.
Having a firstborn son made me a woman and a mother. He makes me proud and strong.
Having a daughter causes me to marvel about what it means to be female. She makes me gentle.
Saoirse Dawn ~ freedom in early light
She has a free spirit, a playful attitude, and general goodwill to bestow on all she meets.
Please God, may she grow up with Your love flowing through her.
May she be soft and gentle, strong and healthy, generous and joyous.
She has added to our family in many ways.
Everyday I am grateful for the time that I have with her, knowing it will be short and determining that it shall be good. For she is a good and perfect gift, created by Love, conceived in love, birthed in pain and joy.
Happy 1st Birthday, my girly-princess-Saoirse-Dawn-sweetheart!

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