Friday, September 13, 2013

Our Adventures; Part 3

I think I will finally wrap up our vacation pictures with some of the highlights from Oregon.
The day after the wedding we visited the historic gold rush town of Columbia, CA.
That was a fun day for me, but a long, hot one for the wee ones.
Grandpa makes pumping easier.

Panning for gold in the camp town that was set up that weekend.
A true Montanan, lovin' the old guns.
And now we move on to visiting my grandparents on the Oregon Coast. I went out a day ahead of my parents and sisters, and it was nice to for my grandparents to spend some time with their great-grandkids before the crowd arrived.
Riding Panda, he took to it quite naturally and 'helped' muck stalls.

Saoirse adored the horse as well.

First time seeing the ocean.

Tide pool magic

Now Ethan is on Patriot.

Headed to the beach

Checking different types of sand and waves.

Let's see how far I can throw this stick.

Can I eat it Grandpa?

There were a lot of pictures of me chasing him.

This is weird.

Bang a ball

Ooo, gooey.

Tired and cold
And to wrap it up, some car pictures, since a road trip means lots of time in the car.

This place has converted me into a coffee drinker. Loved stopping there for mochas!

He found a stick at every single stop we made.

Juice and whipped cream from Dutch Bros.



And finally, the adventure came to an end.
I firmly hope that I will never have to attempt such a long trip without Roman again.
It was fun, exhausting, overwhelming, and amazing.
So glad to be home for a while.

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