Sunday, July 28, 2013


The sunshine is casting hazy light on emerald bushes
The ruby fruit glistens surrounded by silken strands
Of spider webs; the sweet notes of song birds
Are high pitched in the wind. On the dirt
Small feet are eagerly treading, and
In the mouth each raspberry is heading.
The dirt-covered fingers pull hard at a branch
Plucking with vigor sweet, tangy delights. The squeals
Drown the sounds of the geese flying high.
The sapphire eyes search for prize that misses
The bucket completely. The soft cheeks are stained
With the sheer joy of summer.
Each dew-washed berry, sun-ripened and hot,
Is melting my heart by a smiling result
For those toddlers teeth glisten pink on white.
As they beg with faces upturned for just one more berry

~Caitlin Mallery

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