Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Best Book You've Never Heard of...

I am joining a link-up sharing books of every shape and origin. Thanks Modern Mrs. Darcy, this will be fun!

The best book you have never heard of... how about The Wit of Martin Luther by Eric Gritsch.
So many people think of church fathers as heavy reading, deep theology, etc. This tiny book shares just how much Martin Luther had a sense of humor and zest for life (and a great deal of passion for his beloved wife Catherine!) So break away from weight of ages past and learn how to enjoy every gifts you are given with a hearty German appetite.

Amazon: The Wit of Martin Luther

The Best Book You've Never Heard Of | Modern Mrs Darcy


  1. I was a German minor in college, and the only Luther I've read was in that foreign language! I might benefit more from a language I'm actually fluent in. :)

    This sounds like a great place to start when I do finally get to reading Luther in my native tongue. :)

    1. Reading in a second language does make it harder to enjoy. I am so glad for people who take the time to translate for the rest of us!


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