Saturday, July 6, 2013

Thoughts from another blogger (and an anniversary)

Ladies, you should all take a few minutes to read this article.
The Proper Lady: The Subtle Details of a Feminine Lady

Nina has some wonderful thoughts on femininity. As I raise my little girl, I want to exemplify to her all the delights of being female. I want my son to admire feminine traits, as his father does so very well. And I wish to show the world how delighted I am to be a woman, happy with my children, joyous in my home, filled with pleasure by my husband. God has been so good to give me a full life!

On the 3rd of July, 2010, it had been a fairly normal Saturday. I had worked in the garden, planned dinner with my beau, and gone to visit a friend recently returned from a missions trip. As far as I knew the evening was going to be a quiet one with Roman and my parents. But when I returned home from my visit, Roman showed up with his parents and a pile of gifts. A silk dress, light blue sweater, a blue topaz jewelry set, and shoes. I was overwhelmed and eagerly anticipating the coming evening which I hoped would hold a proposal. I will never forget his reaction to when I came out in the outfit he had so carefully planned for me. He looked down the hall from the couch, stood up, and as I entered the room his knees buckled and he sat
down.  Best compliment he could give me was the overwhelming inability to speak.

So we went to dinner and then to Flathead Lake, auspiciously to watch the sunset. At the end of the dock Roman presented me with a diamond ring and an anxious question. My answer sent him into utter delight; he spun me around, and we hugged while fireworks were going off all around us.
It has been three full years since that magical evening. We have moved four times, traveled some,worked a lot and have added a son and daughter to our lives. Each year we have gone back to Wayfarers Park on Flathead Lake to consider just how joyous our lives have been. Our date this year was short, but still magical and more meaningful. How full of bounty is our life! How good it is to be married! How glad I am that the Lord has brought Roman and I together forever!
July 2010 (Right after the proposal )
2011 (pregnant with Ethan)
July 2012 (pregnant with Saoirse)

July 2013 (just the two of us)

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